Welcome to my website! My name is FuCa and this is my official website. Here you’ll get the rare treat of finding out what it’s like being me.

I was born May 1, 2005 in a field somewhere in Southern California. My mother abandoned me when I was just an infant and left me for dead. I’m not sure why she left me, maybe she just forgot where she left me, maybe she was hit by a minivan, or maybe it was a drug related problem because I’m little bipolar. Who knows, the good news is a nice man named Tom found me and took me home. (Tom came and found me because I was born on May Day, and Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal. It derives from the French venez m'aider, meaning "come help me" – I know this ‘cause my Dad is in the First Aid & Safety Business! I think Tom Musta heard my French Soul calling out to be rescued)

Tom found me a home in Arizona so off to Arizona I went. Once I was there my new masters named me Shasha. This was a horrible name for me, I’m not a Girlie-Girl, and this is a very Frou-frou name. Luckily for my ears, one of the master’s children was allergic to me. After only a week with the family in Arizona I was being driven all the way back to Tom in Southern California. For years thereafter, I was a “Car Cat” I loved the car – I went on road trips, spent weekends with my Dad in Palm Desert – all kinds of great stuff – then that car took me to see the Vet one day. I am not a Car Cat anymore.

Oh, by the way my name is short for something. To the kids my name is short for Funny Cat and I think the adults call me F’ing Cat. Anyhow, this is my website, check it out! You will find how I spend my day!